About The 30 Amp Aga

The Original Electric Aga

The classsic AGA heat storage cooker - The Economy 7 electric model is ideally suited where a constant background heat is needed to warm to room as well as provide cooking facilities.

It is cheap to run (a little less than an oil one, and with lower maintenance costs) and works well. Not needing a chimney or flue helps as it can be installed in more varied locations that the oil one (which is tied to a chimney/flue).

It works very much like a night storage heater - charging a bank of heat-storage bricks in the overnight cheap-rate period of the Economy 7 tariff, then using a small heat transfer fan to distribute the heat to cast iron ovens and hot plates throughout the day.

Easy to Position

Because it's electric there's no need for a flue or chimney, after all there are no gas or oil fumes to get rid of. (It still has a small 28mm oven ventilation pipe to outside because, just like traditional Aga's, the cast iron ovens vent outside to minimise cooking smells and steam). This means greater flexibility as to where in your kitchen you want your AGA to be.

The Economy 7 Tariff

Economy 7 is available everywhere in the UK and to get it, it's normally just a case of ringing your electricity supplier and requesting a change of tarriff. They'll then arrange to come and fit you a new 'dual rate' electric meter. (Domestic users dont usually get charged for this.)

The new meter has a 'radio teleswitch' built in - this receives a radio signal to let it know when to count on the cheap 'night' rate (normally midnight to 7am GMT) and when to count on normal 'day' rate.

You dont notice when the day/night rate switch over happens (there's no interruption in the electric supply), you just get your 7 hours of cheap electricity every night. (You can also switch to using your washing machine, tumble dryer, hot water immersion heater and dishwasher overnight too to maximise savings.)

Typical prices compared to a standard '24-hour' tariff are fractionally higher during the day and around half-price overnight, so as long as the greater proportion of your usage is overnight you'll be better off on Economy 7.

The Aga Build

To see what to expect on the day of fitting a 30 Amp Aga, head on over to our build gallery.