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Welcome to our AGA cooker business!

We specialise in the 30amp model and are able to supply and fully fit both reconditioned and used 30 Amp Electric Aga's. In addition to the 30amp model we also are able to supply 13amp electric agas. Our family team of experts is available to offer no obligation free advice on all aga related matters by calling us on 07817 947231.

In addition to supplying these cookers, we also offer repairs, re-enamelling, buy back, dismantle and refits, eControl electric conversions, electrickit electric conversions.

If you have an old Aga that you are looking to sell, we are also happy to purchase it from you. Thank you for choosing our business for all of your AGA needs.

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Are you in need of a repair for your Aga cooker?

Our team is here to help! We specialize in repairing the Mk3 and Mk1 30 amp Storage Agas, 13 amp Agas, gas Agas, Aga Six-Fours, and various RANGEMASTER and Falcon models. To discuss your repair needs and schedule a service, simply give Jamie a call at 07817 332606.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your Aga is running smoothly and efficiently. Don't hesitate – contact us today to get started on your repair.

At Mr Cooker, we understand that energy prices can be high, but we have a solution to help reduce the running costs, while still allowing you to enjoy the luxury of a traditional Aga.

By connecting your 30 amp Aga to a grid connected storage PV installation, you can reduce your energy bills and take advantage of the EC7 tariff. This system uses solar panels to generate electricity, which is then stored in batteries and used to power your 30 amp Aga. The EC7 tariff allows you to charge the batteries using the electricity grid, meaning you can take advantage of cheaper energy prices. Contact us today to find out more about grid connected storage PV installations and EC7 tariff.

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eControl Aga Conversions

We now offer the eControl Aga conversion system to convert your current gas and oil Aga to a modern electric system.

We also offer fully reconditioned Agas in a variety of colors, featuring the eControl system, based upon post-1974 Agas.

Reconditioned eControl Aga2 Oven£6,495
Reconditioned eControl Aga3 Oven£6,900
Reconditioned eControl Aga4 Oven£7,200
eControl Conversion2 Oven£3,300
Optional Extras
Insta Heat Hob eControl£495
Pizza Plate£350
Prefabricated Plinth£295

We can post of colour samples on request. Please call us on 07817947231.

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Electrickit Aga Conversions

We now offer the Electrickit Aga conversion system to convert your old gas and oil Aga to a modern electric system.

We also offer fully reconditioned Agas in a variety of colors, featuring the ElectricKit system, based upon post-1974 Agas.

Reconditioned ElectricKit Aga2 Oven£5,800
Reconditioned ElectricKit Aga3 Oven£6,200
Reconditioned ElectricKit Aga4 Oven£6,700
ElectricKit Conversion2 Oven£3,200
Optional Extras
1.6 Induction Hob £100 extra on recon Agas
Prefabricated Plinth£295

Advance kits will be available early 2024.

We also offer 2, 3 and 4 oven kits with 3.0 induction. Please call us on 07817947231 for more details on availability.

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We are Aga specialists offering a range of services for 30Amp Aga. We offer a full custom reconditioned sales experience, repair service for both the Mk1 and Mk3 30amp aga, we can sell you spare parts including elements, controllers and circulation fans.

Reconditioned Sales Parts

We are currently buying the following models:

  • Aga 30 Amp Desired
  • Aga Six-Four DC6 Range Cookers
  • Aga Dual Control Range Cookers
  • Aga Modules and Companions
  • All Everhot Models
  • Aga City 60
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In addition to traditional Agas we also cover more conventional range cookers, such as:

  • RANGEMASTER, Falcon and Aga Six-Four Specialist
  • RANGEMASTER Cooker Repairs
  • Falcon Cooker Repairs
  • Aga Six-Four Sales
  • Phone Jamie on 07817 332606
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Aga buy back service

Are you looking to sell your modern used 30 Amp Aga? Look no further! Our business is currently buying these cookers and we offer a hassle-free buying service. Simply contact us to let us know that you are interested in selling, and our experienced team will provide you with a market value offer. Once an agreement has been reached, we will schedule a convenient day for the transaction, arrive promptly, pay the agreed price, dismantle the Aga, and leave your property clean and tidy. Please note that as the 30 Amp Aga contains fiberglass, it is recommended that you tidy the surrounding area before our arrival. To get an idea of what is involved in the dismantle process, check out our YouTube video. Let us handle the hassle of selling your Aga – contact us today!