Re-Enamelling Service

We offer a comprehensive service for re-enamelling your old Aga cooker.

Our team of experts will carefully and professionally transform your cooker with new enamel on the top plate, hinges, and towel rail brackets, as well as new chrome domes and lid seals. We also include refurbished doors with new door liners, seals, and washers. The front plate can be re-enamelled in a color of your choice, with sample colors available for you to choose from. Additionally, we replace the oven tunnels, hob caps, lid screws, and offer the option of new side panels in black. To improve the running efficiency of your cooker, we also install a new insulation top blanket.

With our service, your old Aga cooker will be restored to its former glory and ready for many more years of use. Thank you for considering Mr Cooker Ltd for your re-enamelling needs.

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