30 Amp Aga Sales, South East

We specialise in the sale of the 30 Amp Night Storage Aga

At our aga cooker business, we specialize in the sale and installation of 30 Amp Night Storage Agas. With over 15 years of experience in this field, our team of professionals is known for their "no job too small" attitude and dedication to providing trouble-free service. Our services include assistance with purchasing a reconditioned 30amp night storage Aga, as well as specialised knowledge in the Economy 7 Aga. We offer both 2 oven and 4 oven options, and our Agas feature traditional radiant heat and the ability to cook all day. We also provide enamelling in a variety of colours, using the services of Kingfisher in Wednesbury, who previously worked with Aga directly. In addition to phone and email assistance with Aga selection and installation, we also offer a 12-month warranty on parts and labour and prioritize aftercare service. All of our parts are genuine Aga parts, and we are happy to showcase our satisfied customers in our photo gallery. Our reconditioned Agas are of the highest standard and available to fit your budget.

    Key Sales Facts
  • Mr Cooker will help you to assist your purchase of your RECONDITIONED 30amp night storage Aga.
  • We offer peace of mind with several years supplying and installing Agas.
  • We specialise in the Economy 7 Aga.
  • 2 oven or the 4 oven available.
  • Traditional Aga with Radiant heat while allowing you to cook all day.
  • Re-Enamelled in choose of colours available with samples sent out to you for help, with enamelling done professionally to an exceptional standard by Kingfisher in Wednesbury who enamelled for Aga directly.
  • We provide assistance over the phone or by email to discuss your Aga & installation requirements.
  • Why not take advantage of the cheaper Aga running costs on the Economy 7 tariff and benefit from running your household appliances and or charging your electric Car also at the cheaper electricity rate.
  • We offer peace of mind of 12 months warranty on parts & labour.
  • After care service is very important to us too.
  • All our parts are genuine aga parts.
  • We offer an electric AGA conversion using the ElectricKit system in South East for your traditional aga, see out ElectricKit section for more details.
  • Please take a look at our photo gallery of customers who have purchased one of our Agas.
  • RECONDITIONED to a high standard to suit your budget.
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