Electric Aga Conversion - eControl

Can I convert my Gas Aga?

At MrCooker, we are proud to announce that we now offer a new service that converts your existing gas, oil and 13amp electric aga to a new electric system using the eControl conversion system. This system offers the fastest heat-up times on the conversion market, with an eco-mode for economical use. You also have the option to run 24/7 for ambient aga warmth, and full control over temperatures of ovens and hotplates.

The eControl conversion system also offers brand-new large cooking hotplates, and only requires one standard 32amp cooker supply. You have independent control of your hot plates and ovens, with the choice of baking, roasting or simmering (even on 2 oven models). The quick lead time means you can get converted in a matter of weeks, and there is an optional extra - instaheat (an instant heat ceramic hotplate that replaces the right hand hotplate, which is a super useful addition for extra flexibility).

We are confident that the eControl conversion system will provide you with the best possible aga experience, and we look forward to helping you make the switch.

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